Pastoral Care Policy

At Mt Carmel we aim to develop a warm, personalised atmosphere for each student to learn and grow within an environment of Catholic values.  We base our pastoral care and discipline upon the teachings of Christ, and his request that we “Love one another as I have loved you.”  Our school encourages students to develop Catholic values and virtues, including being friendly, honest, courteous and considerate of others.  We endeavour to promote student growth by personal responsibility.  Our students are encouraged to be sensitive to the needs and rights of others. These general rules of the school are based on the premise that as a learning community all teachers, parents, staff and students have the right to:


Merit Certificates

A formal merit certificate system operates at Mt Carmel.  The aim is to recognise and reward positive actions and attitudes. When the students receive six merit certificates, they receive a Coordinator’s Certificate.  Once they accumulate three Coordinator’s Certificates, students receive a Principal’s Award. 



Mt Carmel values the partnerships it has with parents and the community. Open dialogue and communication are cornerstones to effective relationships. Student diaries, the Carmeletta, a skoolbag app, email, paper correspondence and the website are used to help achieve effective communication. The school has Parent Information Evenings for curriculum and pastoral purposes and works closely with the school's Community Council to enhance opportunities for parent involvement in the life of the school.


Positive Behaviours

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a team approach to focus the school community on positive behaviours. Its aim is to be proactive and to move the focus of the school community onto recognising more positive and good behaviours than waiting for the negative behaviours. The process works by collecting data on current behaviour, then developing a positive behavioural response that can be taught to the whole student body.


What are the Benefits of PBS?

* All students can benefit from PBS

* Research conducted over the past 15 years has shown that PBS is effective in promoting positive behaviour in students and schools. 

* Use of PBS as a strategy to maintain appropriate social behaviour will make schools safer.  Safer schools are more effective learning environments.

* Schools that implement system-wide interventions also report increased time engaged in academic activities and improved academic performance.

* Schools that employ system-wide interventions for problem behaviour prevention indicate reductions in office discipline referrals of 20-60%.

* Appropriately implemented PBS can lead to dramatic improvements that have long-term effects on the lifestyle, functional communication skills, and problem behaviour in individuals.

* A review of research on PBS effectiveness showed that there was over a 90% reduction in problem behaviour in over half of the studies; the problem behaviour stopped completely in over 26% of the studies.