Religious Education

'The Catholic School participates in the evangelising mission of the Church and is the privileged environment in which Christian education is carried out. In this way Catholic Schools are at once places of evangelisation, of complete formation, of enculturation, of apprenticeship in a lively dialogue between young people of different religions and social backgrounds.'

          (The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium, 1998)


Religious Education is the foundational element of the Catholic School. As part of the curriculum it allows students at Mt Carmel School to study topics that are both challenging and formative within the Christian religious tradition. The Archdiocesan Guidelines Treasures New & Old provide outcomes that are linked to all Key Learning Areas thus providing a sense of the Sacred in all subjects.


The school community gathers each morning for prayer in the primary playground. 


Parish-based sacramental programmes prepare children for receiving the Sacraments - Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. Parents are expected to attend the meetings set aside for this purpose.