The school Canteen is open for recess and lunch two days each week - Thursday and Friday. Lunch orders are available each of these days. Lunch orders must be taken to the Canteen each morning in the Canteen basket.


Parents and friends are asked to help on a roster basis and to arrange a substitute if unable to attend on that day. Our canteen is managed by Mrs Emma McEvoy. Mrs Katrina Hodges works on Friday as an Assistant in the Canteen.


The Nutrition in School Strategy is all about giving students a taste for healthy foods. It heralds a move beyond nutrition guidelines for school canteens to a government-endorsed approach that helps schools determine the healthier types of foods that should be available for sale in their canteens. At Mt Carmel School we encourage parents to be aware of these guidelines when making choices about lunch orders.


Access the latest Canteen Menu for recess and lunch.