General Information

Absences (Students)

It is a legal requirement that students who are absent from school must bring a note from their parent/guardian explaining the reason for the absence.  This note is given to the class teacher (K-6) who completes the class roll accordingly. If a student has been away for three days and there has been no notification, the classroom teacher will telephone the parent.

Anaphylaxis Policy

Anaphylaxis is best prevented by knowing and avoiding allergens. Mt Carmel School seeks to minimise this risk by monitoring products made available to students through the School Canteen, the curriculum and encouraging parents to avoid sending peanut butter, nutella and nut bars or any other nuts or nut products in children’s lunch boxes. Parents are requested to clearly label lunch boxes, bottles and other drinks with the name of the child for whom they are intended. Parents are  encouraged to have regular discussions with their children about the importance of washing hands, eating their own food, and not sharing food, food utensils or food containers and this is also supported by discussion in the classroom. The general banning of foods or food products is not recommended by health experts as there is a lack of evidence to suggest that banning a food from entering a school is helpful in reducing the risk of anaphylaxis.

Annual Report

Each year the school produces an Annual Report which is accessible on the website. The Annual Report details the school’s statistics and its achievements and goals.

Arrival at School (Students)

Students place their bikes behind the infant’s block. Children must walk their bikes when entering or leaving the playground. It is advisable that bikes be fitted with locks for safety during school hours.

Parents drop off and pick up their children from the Rossi Street entrance or Meehan Street.  Parents are encouraged not to park outside the Dutton Street entrance as the buses enter and exit from this point.  A 40km/h zone exists around the school and a RTA crossing is situated at the Rossi Street entrance.

Assemblies K-6

An infants and primary class are rostered together to prepare items for the K-6 assembly held in the Performing Arts Centre.  

Bus Transport

School buses operate from the Dutton Street entrance to Bookham, Bowning, Binalong, Black Range, Bookham, Burrinjuck, Dalton, Dog Trap, Good Hope, Gundaroo, Gunning, Jerrawa, Kangiara, Murrumbateman, Narrangullen and Rye Park.  Bus lines are between the Information Resource Centre and the main administration building. The school office must be advised of any variation to after school travel arrangements.


The canteen operates at recess and lunchtime on Thursday and Friday. Mrs Emma McEvoy manages the canteen for the P and F Association.  The canteen closes at 1.50pm. Katrina Hodges assists in the Canteen on Fridays. Parent volunteers are an essential part of the successful operation of the Canteen. Parents can order student lunches online using the QKR app or students place lunch orders either in a sealed envelope containing money or a lunch bag provided from home.  The order should contain the student’s name, class and order.  The order is placed in the class lunch basket and taken to the Canteen. This basket is then collected prior to lunch and returned to the classroom.

Counsellor Referrals

The school counsellor is available at the school one day per week. Primary school children require written permission from their parents to attend. Kirsten Clifford is our school counsellor who visits Mt Carmel on Monday each week from 9am until 3.30pm.

Email Address

Staff can be emailed directly by using their first name and last name followed by

The Leadership Team

The Leadership Team comprises the Principal, Assistant Principal, Religious Education Coordinator and Primary Coordinator.

External Examinations

Mt Carmel students sit external examinations in Years 3 and 5 (NAPLAN).

Information and Communication Technology

Mt Carmel operates an ICT network which provides access to all the school’s electronic resources including the internet and the resources of the Canberra Goulburn CEO from anywhere in the school. Mt Carmel has a network of high speed broadband throughout the school. Each student is provided with mydesktop access and an email address. A BYOD iPad program operates in Stage 3 classrooms.

Late Notes

All students arriving late to school must report to the school office and sign the late book.  Students must also collect a slip to present to the class teacher.

Lost Property

Lost property is taken to the school office where every effort is made to locate the owner. At the end of each term unlabeled items are transferred to the Uniform Pool where it is resold.


If a student brings medication to school, it must be kept at the school office (apart from asthma medication).  The appropriate forms giving permission for staff to administer the medicine are available from the school office.  These forms must be filled in by a parent/guardian before medication can be given to a student.  All medication must be clearly labelled and in the original container bearing the child’s name and instructions from the doctor.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and all other electronic devices must be turned off and in a secure place during school hours.

School Hours and Supervision

K-6 Classes: 8.55am-3.10pm

Playground Supervision: 8.30am-3.10pm (Bus Duty Supervision until last bus departs)

School Office

The members of the office staff are integral to the effective function of the Mt Carmel school community.  The office is the first point of contact for parents and all visitors to the school. All monies are received through the office.

School Newsletter

The Carmeletta is published every Wednesday.  It contains information regarding events in the school calendar, sport news, pastoral care, P&F and information related to class-based activities. Parents receive the Carmeletta via an email which provides a link to the newsletter on the school's website.

School Website

Sick Bay

Sick Bay is in the school office. Teachers send students to the office staff who will determine if a child needs to stay in sick bay or if parents will be contacted.

Student Attendance Exemption

Parents are required to complete an Application for Student Exemption for all known absences of their children from school. If the request is for less than 101 days, the absence can be approved by the Principal. If parents are requesting leave for 101 or more days it must be forwarded to the Catholic Education Office. It will then be sent through the NSW Catholic Education Commission to the Minister of Education or his delegate, for his approval. If an application for Student Exemption has been approved by the Principal, the school is required to complete a Certificate of Exemption. The Certificate of Exemption is kept on the student’s file and a copy is supplied for the parents which must be produced upon request by the Police or other authorised attendance officer. The Application for Student Exemption is available on our school website as well as from the front office. If your child is sick, this form does not need to be completed. However, if you are taking your child on a holiday during school time or a specialist appointment that will take a full day and is known ahead of time, the Application for Student Exemption must be completed. 


Parent volunteers need to sign in at the school office. All volunteers must sign a declaration stating that they are not a person prohibited by the Act from engaging in child related employment.

Visitors to the School

All visitors to the school must report to the school office, sign in and wear a ‘visitor’ badge.